Save Money

On premium tax, insurance company overhead and profit margins


Control Benefits

Plans can be designed with coverages to suit the unique needs of your organization.


Enhance Cash Flow

Retain interest generated which otherwise is held by an insurance company.

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Things You Should Know: The Role of TPAs

Third Party Administrators operate much like independent CPA or law firms…providing continuing professional outside claims and benefit plan administration for client employers and benefit plans. TPAs often become the  employee benefits office for the covered workers and employers in the client plan. By tradition, TPAs usually seek a behind-the-scenes role emphasizing the identity of the employer or sponsored plan…rather than blatant advertising of the name of the TPA firm. Thus, the names of even the largest TPA firms are often not widely known to the general public.

Why Use a TPA

Our Mission

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Client Testimonials

At Cornerstone Preferred Resources (CPR), client satisfaction is extremely important to us. Since our founding in 1996, the professionals at CPR have aspired to provide courteous, efficient and high-quality service on which our clients can depend; it’s what they deserve. We are proud of our efforts to provide consistently high-quality service and support, and we thank our clients for their kind words and positive feedback.